Fairfield County Home Inspections for Buyers

Are you in the process of buying a home in Stamford, CT or a surrounding region? If so, you should strongly consider having a buyer’s home inspection completed before you close. By having a home inspected before you make a decision to assume ownership, potential buyers can get a better understanding of the condition of a home, and thus, its true value.

At HomeSpec, LLC, we offer extremely thorough home inspection services for buyers in Fairfield County, so close real estate transactions with complete confidence.

During a home buyer’s inspection, a home inspector from HomeSpec, LLC will walk through a house and check the main systems of the home, as well as everything from the roof to the foundation. We can even conduct mold and radon inspections and utilize electronic monitors for the most accurate radon detection possible. Once the inspection is complete and you have read through the detailed report of our findings, you can utilize that information to either negotiate the price of the home and move forward or decide to walk away.

Seller Home Inspections in Fairfield County

A home inspector from HomeSpec, LLC will go through the same steps when conducting a home inspection for sellers. Before you sell your home, have an inspector comb through everything to identify any red flags that might concern buyers later. If issues are detected, you can then decide if you want to adjust your asking price from the very beginning or make repairs now to get the most value for the home. Commissioning a seller’s home inspection also helps to keep you in compliance with full-disclosure laws.

Every home inspection report created by HomeSpec, LLC will include details on what our home inspector was able to uncover, which we would be happy to go over with you during a free phone consultation. We’ll also include recommendations for repairs and upgrades that should be made, whether it be by the seller or the buyer.

Take advantage of HomeSpec, LLC’s home inspection services before buying or selling a home in Stamford, Greenwich or another town within Fairfield County. Call 203-240-0032 to schedule an inspection.